Innovation Gateway

Getting started on Innovation Gateway is simple


Review industry needs posted and updated regularly on this Innovation Gateway site (within the timeframe provided).


Provide information about your research using the simple and brief template provided.


Respond to requests for information, follow-on discussions and meetings from OIP.


Track progress on Innovation Gateway (using your secure Penn State ID to log in)


Begin an enriching research partnership.

Still have questions? Let us help.

Call the Office of Industrial Partnerships at 814-867-6328

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Engage with Industry
  • Identify needs and confirm desire to sponsor research
  • Confirm funding and funding mechanism
  • Translate needs into brief and detailed descriptions
  • Post RFP / RFI / RTP to the Innovation Gateway
  • Facilitate PSU response to industry request


  • Update and maintain your profile
  • Respond promptly to Opportunities that interest you by completing the template provided
  • Be available to conference calls or face to face meetings with industry
  • Prepare Statement of Work, Budget, Export Control (if required) and any other materials required by sponsor
  • Perform research project
  • Post-Project Report

Types of Partnerships

Innovation Gateway opportunities typically fall into 3 categories:

1. Request for Proposal (RFP) – Used when a company has identified one or more specific challenges or technical needs, is looking for proposed solutions, and has a budget to fund a sponsored research project.

2. Request for Information (RFI) – Used when a company has an ongoing need for new technology and is seeking a faculty researcher with relevant expertise and an interest in collaboration.

3. Request to Partner (RTP) – Used when a company is looking for a university research faculty member or team to partner in response to an open or planned federal grant.